Information technology is at the core of how you do business"

 Companies need technology consultants that boost their strategy, not cripple it. ABS helps you make confident technology decisions in order to meet your business objectives or crack business problems. We ensure that your Information Technology is agile, effective and equipped to run swiftly and smoothly amidst the evolving trends to create enduring results.

Our solutions range from products, a combination of products, services, or a mix of products and services designed to address our clients' specific business problem or other need. We help our clients solve complex business issues through applying technology.
Our experience is extensive from Policy manuals design, System implementation support to Information system rationalization.
As a Hard cat Platinum partner, we provide a wide range of services that help clients leverage the power of Hard cat Asset Management Software. Since managing and maintaining IT infrastructure can become difficult and costly, and that not every business has the resources or expertise to provide effective support to the business, we provide solutions for the medium sized businesses for example the Arc Asset Management Software; We can also supply you with a complete solution to tag, capture, track and manage all your assets' life cycles, property and evidence, whether they are small or large, physical or digital. We take the time to understand your software and hardware requirements and provide the right tagging and tracking technologies, handheld or digital RFID or barcode scanners and even mobile devices to ensure your business's success.



 Hardcat Platinum Partner 

Corporate Members, Institute Of Asset



     What we Stand for


Our philosophy is to develop and provide innovative and dynamic solutions and tools enabling effective asset life cycle management for our clients.

Our aim is to ultimately enhance organizational sustainability and to enable organizations to maximize stakeholder value through efficient and effective asset management


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