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About Us

Asset Business Solutions Limited (ABS) is an asset management company registered in Uganda in 2011. ABS aims to address the significant gap in the country and Africa in:

  • Physical Asset Management
  • Financial Asset Management
  • People Asset Management
  • Information Asset Management

ABS helps organizations unleash the potential of their assets to drive the organization’s performance with the goal of achieving an optimal return on investment. We are pioneers of promoting the discipline of best asset management practices in the country.

ABS is affiliated to the Institute of Asset Management (UK) and is a platinum partners to Hardcat PTY - the pioneers of digital asset management.

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Our Services

Asset Business Solutions provides these other services as part of our Solutions Suite.

A.M Training & Consultancy

With poor asset management practices and cultures, organizations are unable to maximize their assets and achieve cost efficiency. ABS equips your staff with knowledge for best practices and guidance on starting the journey to asset management excellence.

Systems Strengthening

For a business, assessment and management of risks is the best way to prepare for eventualities that may come in the way of progress and growth. Evaluation of plans to handle potential threats and then develop structures to address them improves the success odds of an entity.

Asset Disposal Support

An asset should not be held in the workspace longer than necessary when it comes to its end of life, and all due consideration and renewal decisions have been made. ABS provides asset disposal support to help organizations achieve adequate control of assets.

A.M Outsourcing Services

Organizations with large operations across multiple geographies it can get challenging to keep track of every fixed asset in your proprietorship. Our asset management services cover the full lifecycle of your assets from aquisition, maintenance to disposal.

Other Asset Management Services and Products

We develop innovative, dynamic tools and solutions to enable you manage your assets lifecycle effectively.


Our Team

With over 20 years of combined experience in the field of asset management, our team of qualified professionals is ready to deliver exceptional service to cater for your needs.

Ssanyu Kaganzi

Chief Executive Officer

The Institute of Asset Management - UK [Certificate]

Chris Kakyo

Manager | Asset Management Solutions

The Institute of Asset Management - UK [Certificate]

Isaac Mitala

Manager | Business Technologies

The Institute of Asset Management - UK [Certificate]

Deborah Mulungi

Associate | Finance and Administration

The Institute of Asset Management - UK [Certificate]

Elijah Mazinga

Associate | Finance and Administration

Project Management in Practice - UK [Certificate]

Reagan Manigamukama

Associate | Business Technologies

The Institute of Asset Management - UK [Certificate]

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